What does ATDLE do for
TWBI/DLI program support?

Now is the time to book your contracts for the 2024-2025 School Year!

Schools/districts interested in TWBI/DLI program implementation, either initial or realignment work, contact the main office, executive directors, or board of directors for consultation meetings to begin the contract process. The contractual agreement consists of a multi-year effort.

Contract negotiations take place and once agreed upon, ATDLE assigns the program/school a Focus School/District status and commits to working with the program for a minimum of 2 years. The school and ATDLE staff create and calendar the work.  The executive directors assign staff or consultants to the school district and the work commences.  The direct work to the school/district consists of the following:

  • Conduct School and District Leadership team meetings to establish the commitment to the proposed work between the school/district and ATDLE.
  • Calendar Classroom visitations to review the level of program implementation with the teaching staff.
  • Establish a TWBI/DLI Master Plan Task Force to create and complete the development of a PreK-12 TWBI/DLI program pathway board-approved for the district.
  • Provide Program Review Technical reports with action steps for immediate and future program actions.
  • Conduct professional development sessions for school staff, including teachers, office staff, key personnel, administration, and parent leaders. The professional development would include foundations of TWBI/DLI, literacy development in both languages, social-emotional support for TWBI/DLI students, pedagogy and methodology in second language acquisition, supporting the students at home, instructional program elements, parent engagement strategies, student support systems, etc.
  • Support Parent Informational Sessions to provide a program overview, strategies to engage and support language development at home, understand the importance of home/school communication, present program data in both languages and share the linguistic and academic targets for the program.

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