Kevin ChavezChairperson - San Francisco

Kevin has been working in education as a teacher and administrator for over 20 years in the Midwest, South America, and the Bay Area.  He holds a BS in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University-Portland.  He has worked in education as a classroom teacher, site-based program coordinator, central office instructional coach/teacher on special assignments, and as an administrator.  Kevin is currently the Principal of the Thomas Edison Charter Academy in San Francisco, which offers a 50/50 Dual Language Immersion Program in Spanish and English.  He believes that we will create global citizens who are ready to become our future leaders by providing access to well-articulated, high-quality programs that focus on academic achievement, inclusive practices, and the promotion of positive self-esteem.  His passion and drive are to serve students and families with innovative services and supports that address the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse populations.  Kevin believes that teaching and learning begins with truly knowing who our students are and how our mindsets impact student learning.