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TWBI/Dual Language Classroom Teachers?
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ATDLE recognizes that there are many outstanding TWBI/DL classroom teachers in the United States. This award is in recognition of those educators who have made significant contributions to their communities in teaching and promoting bilingualism/bi-literacy for all children. A TWBI/DL teacher or co-teachers will be honored for excellence, dedication, and advocacy for Two-Way/ Dual Language programs at the 29th Annual Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Conference in June 2021.

Please check the ATDLE website for the definition of a Two-Way program teacher/s to help focus your application on what it means to be a TWBI/DL teacher.  Please encourage your colleagues to apply for this prestigious award…”there is no greater honor than one that is bestowed by a jury of your own peers”. 

Please Note: Deadline for completed applications, letters of recommendations, and portfolio is due by April 30, 2021.

Use the button at the bottom of the page to submit your portfolio or nomination.


Each TWBI/DL school district is invited to submit one nominee or two co-teacher nominees for the Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Conference Teacher/s of the Year Award. Remember that we are searching for teachers that understand the complexity and importance of teaching in Dual Language setting.  Many applications have not been considered because the writer, albeit a wonderful educator, does not focus on the importance of serving in this very important role. A committee of Two-Way/DL educators and the Board of Directors will select the honoree from the submitted applications

The 2021 ATDLE Teacher of the Year will receive the following:

  • Complimentary registration to the 29th Annual National Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Conference in June 2021
  • Two free luncheon tickets for family members
  • Classroom library selections from Lectorum Publishers
  • $1000 cash award which can be shared with your co=teacher if you apply with your colleague to support classroom activities


Each nominee must meet all of the following criteria to be considered for this award:

  1. Member of local/state bilingual association.
  2. Outstanding contributions to Two-Way & Dual Language education.
  3. Advocacy for TWBI/DL proven practices and research
  4. Currently TWBI/DL classroom teacher (TK-K-12)
  5. Bilingual teacher credentials or certification
  6. Philosophy that reflects cultural competence and high expectations
  7. Minimum of five years TWBI/Dl teaching experience
  8. Nomination by principal or supervisor
  9. Submission of complete portfolio


One complete portfolio (maximum of 10 pages in PDF format) and a black and white photo must be submitted. We will ask for a short 2 minute video with your acceptance speech if you are selected. Please be advised that items will not be returned.

Completed portfolios must be submitted by April 30, 2021 at 5:00pm Pacific Time

(PDF Format, 10 MB file maximum)

  1. Official nomination form signed by Principal/Supervisor
  2. Biographical resume (2 pages maximum)
  3. Statement of philosophy on TWBI/DL: What it is like to be a teacher/learner in your TWBI/DL classroom? How do you prepare, motivate and inspire students to continue to develop their first & second languages? What two key local, state or national issues having to do with Latino/other ethnicities, English Learners or TWBI education are most important to you? Please include an anecdote that illustrates the power of TWBI/DL in your community. (5 pages maximum)
  4. Evidence of community service to school/community (1 page max)
  5. Participation in your professional network for example, CABE, NABE, ATDLE, AMAE, etc. and how you promote TWBI/ DL with your colleagues & peers in the broader community? (1 page maximum)
  6. Letter of support/recommendation from your most recent supervisor
  7. Two (2) additional letters of support/recommendation from colleagues, students, parents, or others

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