New Dual Language Teacher Symposium

The two-day New Dual Language Teacher Symposium is held each summer and is designed for new teachers.

  • Day One consists of a review and foundational research on the critical components of TWBI/DLI educational programs.
  • Day Two will allow teachers to work with some master teachers to review the start-up components to help you begin your work in the Fall.¬†Everyone will benefit from attending these valuable and thought-provoking sessions.

We will be bringing you experienced TWBI Program experts and grade-level trainers to share their expert advice on how to start off on your journey this Fall. We know you cannot do it alone and that the first years of implementation of a TWBI/DL program are often the most challenging. The two-day work sessions will provide you with the Foundations of TWBI Education and will be coupled with practical and relevant information for your classroom and your school. We are excited about meeting you this Summer and hope that you and your team are able to join us for this unique and vital professional development opportunity.

Key Program Topics Covered

  • Understanding the Program Elements of TWBI/DLI Education
  • Guiding Principles of Dual Language
  • 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition Theory and Practice
  • Defining the Target Language Instructional Practices
  • The How-tos for English Instruction in a TWBI/DLI program setting
  • Classroom Management & Schedules
  • Language Management
  • Promoting Bilingual and Bi-Literacy with Your Students
  • Grade-Level Specific Training