Middle School Institute

This institute is intended for Dual Language Spanish Language Arts teachers and Social Studies teachers.


The TWBI/DLI middle school teachers will be able to:

  1. Review the foundational components of a middle school program for the TWBI/DLI program
  2. Reference the SLA and Sp SS content standards to plan the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade SLA core courses
  3. Address reading in the target language in the SLA and SS content areas
  4. Review the reading, grammar, writing, and oracy components that are integral to the continued development of the proficiency levels in the target language.
  5. Engage in the elements of effective unit planning for SLA/SS
  6. Plan and write a unit of study for use in your classroom
  7. Review the resources available to support the planning of the SLA program at the middle school level.

Part I 

  • Overview of Dual Language pathways into Middle School
  • Scheduling DLI core courses
  • Four components of SLA and SS DLI courses
  • SLA and SS – how to create coursework that promotes the on-going development of both oral language proficiency and literacy development in the target language – the four critical areas of continued literacy development
  • DLI Program Do’s and Don’ts at the Middle School
    1. set expectations for language use in small groups and responses
    2. error correction
    3. recasting and correcting language errors
    4. keeping it positive and reciprocal
    5. increasing student interactions and engagement
  • The Planning Process 
    1. careful selection of SLA and SS curriculums
    2. focus on the standards
    3. use of non-translated materials as much as possible – authentically written materials allow you to expand the Spanish speaking world for your students.
    4. incorporating grammar and writing instruction into the readings/content
    5. connecting SLA and SS through literature studies, research and investigations
  • Writing your unit of study for next month
  • Resources, apps, links and supports to enhance your instruction – not replace it. 

Part II – The agenda will be developed after Part I based on the attendee’s questions and needs

  1. Review the writing and speaking standards for use in DLI middle school classes
  2. Understand the writing components as students continue to develop their language proficiency
  3. Receive examples of writing units of study to be used in DLI classrooms
  4. Ideas on building oracy and experiences in the academic register
  5. Culminating activities for practice, refinement, engagement and public use of the target language.
  6. Certificate of Biliteracy and preparing them for taking/passing the AP Spanish Language exam in Middle School

Key Program Topics Covered

  • Understanding the Program Elements of TWBI/DLI Education
  • Guiding Principles of Dual Language
  • 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition Theory and Practice
  • Defining the Target Language Instructional Practices
  • The How-tos for English Instruction in a TWBI/DLI program setting
  • Classroom Management & Schedules
  • Language Management
  • Promoting Bilingual and Bi-Literacy with Your Students
  • Grade-Level Specific Training



Payment Policy: This event will be a two-part series held in person, all funds/final payments must be received by Thursday, January 18, 2024. Only individuals paid in full will be granted access to the Institute. Sessions will not be recorded and no refunds will be provided once part one has started.

We accept payment in the form of a check (made payable to ATDLE), cashier’s check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). We know many schools use purchase orders and the confirmation at the end can be turned in for this process. However, using a purchase order is an internal process with your school and we must still receive final payment in way of a check or credit card prior to the conference to be granted access. Please let your agency’s fiscal or business office know that the final payment form is due no later than Thursday, January 18, 2024.

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