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The Western Placer Unified School District and its 13 schools and an independent study program are located in the communities of Lincoln and Sheridan, California. These communities rest at the base of the Sierra Foothills in picturesque Placer County. Lincoln is approximately 30 miles northeast of Sacramento, our state’s capital. Western Placer is a supportive and caring school district of over 7,500 learners. Our District offers a growing, student-centered community, competitive salaries, and excellent health benefit plans. Our District features the following (and so much more): *Music programs for grades TK-12 *Music and science instruction for all students in grades TK-5 *Outdoor learning environments including one of the nation’s largest high school farms (280 acres) *Engaging staff development *District paid induction programs for all certificated classroom and administrative positions DISTRICT MISSION/VISION: Empowering Minds, Igniting Futures “Empowering Minds” – Fostering a love for learning, developing essential skills, and preparing students to confidently explore the complexities of the world. Through innovative teaching methods, personalized learning approaches, and a supportive educational environment, we strive to equip each individual with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and curiosity that will serve as the foundation for their lifelong learning journey. We promote a growth mindset, encourage students to embrace challenges, and provide them with the tools to overcome obstacles with resilience and determination. “Igniting Futures” – Empowering students to become not only well-prepared professionals but also compassionate and influential citizens who shape a brighter tomorrow. Our vision encompasses more than just education; it includes mentorship, character development, and real-world skills that are essential for success beyond the classroom. By offering a wide range of extracurricular activities, practical experiences, and exposure to various career paths, we aim to ignite a passion for discovering one’s potential. We believe in fostering leadership qualities, promoting social responsibility, and nurturing the ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving society. MISSION/VISION & DISTRICT GOALS:

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Creekside Oaks Elementary is a traditional TK-5 school with a growing Dual Immersion program that is currently grades TK-3. The school will continue to transition into a full TK-5 traditional and Dual Immersion school over the next two school years.

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