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ATDLE recognizes that there are many outstanding TWBI/DLI programs in the United States. The District of Distinction award stands as a beacon of recognition and honor for exemplary Dual Language and Two-Way Bilingual Immersion programs across the United States. This esteemed nomination and award celebrate districts that exhibit outstanding commitment and achievement in fostering linguistic diversity and academic excellence. For districts with an extensive network of TWBI/DLI programs, the award is granted at the district level, showcasing their dedication to bilingual education on a broader scale. For nearly 25 years, this prestigious accolade has been bestowed annually at the esteemed Annual Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Conference in June.

Please Note: The deadline for nominees to submit their completed applications is due by April 15, 2024.

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Districts seeking the esteemed District of Distinction recognition must meet stringent criteria. This includes implementing a Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) or Dual Language Immersion (DLI) pathway from Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade and demonstrating commitment through a comprehensive district plan. Additionally, representatives from both language communities must articulate program components and support student success. Financial and curricular backing from the Superintendent and Board is essential, along with the active participation of program leadership and highly qualified educators. The application process involves completing a nomination form, followed by a Zoom meeting to assess readiness for review. Next, an ATDLE visitation of TWBI/DLI schools occurs, including interviews with administrators and community members. Performance data in both languages is then scrutinized to determine eligibility for the District of Distinction status.

Purpose of this Nomination

  • To recognize and honor the Dual Language and Two-Way Bilingual Immersion programs of excellence throughout the United States.
  • This nomination and award has been in place for almost 25 years and awarded at the National Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Conference each year.
  • If a district in the U.S. has an extensive network of TWBI/DLI programs, the award is presented at the District level

Criteria for the district of distinction

  • A TWBI/DLI pathway is in place to insure continuity through the grade levels TK-12.
  • The district has a district plan or framework that demonstrates the district’s commitment to continuity through the grade levels.
  • Family representatives from both the “Target Language” members and “English Language” members are able to articulate the program components and their role in supporting student success in both languages.
  • The Superintendent and Board demonstrate financial and curricular support for the TWBI/DLI program.
  • The District works to ensure that the program leadership and teachers participate fully in the implementation of the program goals and work to place highly qualified and competent educators at each school to lead the charge.


Districts or Board Members may begin the nomination process by filling out this form.
A Zoom Meeting is set with district officials to determine their willingness or readiness to enter a program review.
District schedules an ATDLE visitation of the TWBI/DLI schools.
ATDLE conducts interviews with school and district admin and community members to discuss the program design, curriculum, assessments, parent engagement levels and accountability system.
Review of performance data in both the languages: English and the target language.

School of Distinction

  • Smaller scale review with individual meetings at a school site.
  • Program walkthrough and interviews with teachers, site admin and parent representatives
    Review of data in both languages.
  • Use rubrics from the Guiding Principles as a template to create the criteria for scoring.

Deadline for nomination is April 15th, 2024.

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