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Do you have a TWBI/DL program?

If you have a program that has been developed for 3 years plus, we would like you to please take this very short survey on the Spanish language assessments you use for your program. It would appear that Spanish is being assessed in different ways, if at all. Thus, we decided to develop a very short multiple-choice survey on Survey Monkey (estimated time is 3 minutes) to provide us with anonymous information about Spanish assessment in two-way/dual language programs. This information would be really helpful to us as we work with programs and better understand the goals and outcomes of two-way/dual language programs.

Here is a link to the very short survey

Language Matters! Conference- Join Us

Language Matters! Communication, identity, education, and action- language is in all things. The annual OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Conference provides the space for thought-provoking conversations about multilingual education, diversity, culture, and educator impact.   Often, we understand the theory of language acquisition or integrated and designated ELD, but the HOW remains elusive.  This [...]

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Supportive Works for
Two Way & Dual Language Learning

Two Cases Studies of Content Based Instruction
by: Dr. Fred Geneses & Dr. Kathyrn Lindholm-Leary


Bilingualism & the Brain
by: Dr. Olga M. Grimalt, Ed.D


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