Common Core

ATDLE is committed to the full implementation of the Common Core Standards in both languages. We can not afford to wait until everything has been developed. We highly encourage teachers and administrators to begin to engage in understanding both the learning goals and scope of the standards as outlined in this effort. San Diego County of Education is working with a team of educators to develop the CCS in Spanish for California but in the meantime, we are providing you with the Normas para Programas Dual created by the Mid-Atlantic Equity Center. Please review these and know that the CCS in Spanish must describe the work for both the native speaking and English speaking students in our Two-Way Bilingual Immersion classrooms. This is also true for the oral assessments. The ACTFL oral language proficiency standards that are currently being touted are foreign language measures that can be used to measure the progress of English speakers in TWBI/DL programs and we are awaiting the assessments that will accurately measure the progress of native speakers in both the target language and English. The assessment picture is always complicated but it is important that the assessments describe progress accurately. Let’s take advantage of these shifts to create the appropriate standards for both groups of students.

Attached please find articles, flyers and sample CCS in Spanish from DC. Review them, unpack the standards, and stay tuned as we work to link you to the latest information on Common Core Standards in Spanish under development.

K-12 Files

Normas DL MAECSu 2012

Translating Common Core for Dual