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Here is the speech from Eva Isett, the ATDLE Teacher of the Year for 2014.  Read her beautiful & inspiring words!

Thank you ATDLE, I accept this award on behalf of all passionate teachers and I know we’re in a roomful of many. I was feeling anxious about this so I wrote a poem to express my gratitude. I hope you like it.

In an East LA barrio is where it began

Daughter of undocumented parents who believed that I can

As I grew up I came to realize my calling was education

To prepare to inspire to positively impact our next generation

I came into this with huge dreams goals and visions of molding young minds

Instead I was met with test prep, ELD folders, assessments, grades,

meetings, you all feel me it’s part of the grind

To say I took this reality with grace would be a huge lie to tell

I felt disillusioned, helpless and I wanted to yell

I decided to take charge, for My journey as a teacher would not become

merely a set of mundane chores

I love my students and teaching; the pasión seeps through my pores

It’s not always easy, to face the obstacles this profession brings

It’s not about being perfect it’s about helping our students find their wings

It’s about helping bring out the critical thinker so they may change the world and succeed

It’s about teaching compassion, kindness, social justice and equity; in their minds and hearts plant the seed

Many of our students’ lives are filled with tragedies and disaster

our job is to help them take charge of their life, rise above; it’s an art they must master

Encourage them to look for injustice and speak out against it

be agents of change; no matter how difficult vow, to rise above they are fit

It’s about helping them see they can be whatever they choose

And that being successful in life is knowing that sometimes you lose

I love our profession we have the power to positively impact so many

let’s always take that with us; a profession like ours there really isn’t any

Gracias a mis padres, los quiero y gracias por inculcarnos a seguir

nuestros sueños

de ustedes aprendí a darle todo mi empeño

To Gorman (Bentley) my mentor who took a chance on me

you encouraged me to try new things as a teacher which helped set me free

My husband and wild children, I love you more than words can explain

you understand my passion for teaching and always help keep me sane

To my students I thank you; together we’ve grown

Each and every one of you I am proud to have known

I am humbled to stand here being awarded for something I know many of you do

Let’s continue our passion and let the love of our students in our heart continue to brew


Thank you, muchísimas gracias ATDLE

June 24, 2014

Speech at the ATDLE Teacher of the Year Luncheon

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