“Common Language Skills Are Indispensable To Successful Global Relationships”

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Dr. Ana Hernandez: Promoting Equity and Excellence in DLE is a Conscious and Intentional Act

Dr. Victor Rios: Coming Back Better: Emotional Support, Cultures of Care, and Asset-Based Leadership and Teaching


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2022 Advanced Certificate for Educators (ACE) – Session Dates: February 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, & 23

  • Cohort A 11:00-3:00pm PST
  • Cohort B 4:00-8:00pm PST
    Six 4-hour sessions

Calling all GLAD-Trained Educators! Do you want to UP your Be GLAD Game? We’ve Got You Covered! Earn the Title of Advanced Certificated Educator (ACE). Join our next ACE Session.

Become an Elite GLAD Expert – Deepen your knowledge of Project GLAD, Build presentation skills, Expand your GLAD resources & materials, and Master the strategies with a Be GLAD Certified Trainer. ACE Graduates are authorized to provide follow-up & coaching to GLAD-trained teachers, present at conferences & workshops, conduct awareness sessions, and offer administrator support training.

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The Association of Two-Way & Dual Language Education (ATDLE) was formed into a national organization in 2013 having been part of a state organization for over ten years. The Board of Directors developed its national non-profit organization to offer professional training and technical support to TWBI/DL throughout the country.

Today, there are over 2000 Dual Language and Two-Way Bilingual Immersion programs in the country in multiple languages including: Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Hmong, Vietnamese and Japanese. Many of the board members as well as advisory board members of ATDLE are leaders in the field of Two Way Bilingual Immersion with experience as teachers, administrators, and/ or researchers. We are proud of our great network of educators in TWBI/DL programs and continue to work to support, promote and expand the programs to bring first and second language opportunities to more students throughout the country.

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Current Research

Many of the board members as well as advisory board members of ATDLE are leaders in the field of TWBI or Dual Language research. Take a look at our current research page for the most up to date research from these leaders. Stay informed on the latest happenings in the field.

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We are always searching for news, resources and publications in the field of Two-Way & Dual Language Education and update our website continuously with this information. We work closely with our colleagues from different parts of the country to post these resources for you. If you have different publications of interest, please let us know and we will make them available to our educators.


ATDLE is committed to supporting the expansion or start up of new TWBI or Dual Language Programs. Please contact us at info@atdle.org so that we can give you access to start-up documents and information to help you get on your way! Also you can view our resources page by clicking the View Here button below.